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Our firm acts in liability law

LAROQUE & SULIGA advises in all areas of liability law, with a particular focus on industrial risks, product liability, professional liability and medical liability.

Management of industrial risks and claims in various industrial sectors. Assistance and representation of industrial operators, insurers and reinsurers, pre-litigation, litigation and transactional stages. Recourse claims. Complex litigation. Assistance with amicable or legal expert appraisals.

Professional liability for companies.

Professional liability for regulated professions.

Advice and litigation in matters of medical malpractice before civil and administrative courts, as well as disciplinary proceedings.

Proceedings before the Conciliation and Compensation Commissions. (medical accidents, iatrogenic conditions and nosocomial infections)

Industrial accident / Occupational disease.

Safety obligation.

Assessment of damages.

Product liability litigation.

Assistance and advice on product conformity and safety.

Implementation of European and international withdrawal/recall procedures for dangerous or contaminated products/crisis management.

Mass litigation.

Intervention in various industry sectors with specific product safety regulations :

o Healthcare products / medication, medical devices, biotechnologies etc.
o Cosmetics
o Food, veterinary and phytosanitary products.
o Machinery
o ÉIndustrial equipment

Out-of-court or in-court medical-legal appraisals.

Personal injury resulting from collective accidents, medical accidents, industrial accidents, traffic accidents, accidents abroad, sports accidents, etc.

Contractual and tortious relations between the various parties involved in a construction project.

Implementation of insurance or contractual construction guarantees :

o Damage to building work.
o Ten-year guarantee of defect.
o Guarantee of perfect completion.
o Guarantee of “good working order".

Assistance with amicable or legal expert appraisals.

 Warranty analysis. Assistance with amicable or legal expert appraisals. Recourse actions.

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